The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Women's Running Shoe combines a classic look with responsive cushioning and a locked-down fit to help you stay quick and comfortable during everyday runs or demanding races.

The Highlights:
  • Responsive Cushioning
  • Dynamic Fit
  • Smooth Ride
  • Zoom = Fast

With the cushioning technology: ZOOM

The Nike Zoom cushioning system is part of the Nike Air family, and, like its peers, it is light and durable. With its incredible finesse, the Nike Zoom cushioning system brings the foot off the ground and improves stability, especially the lateral acceleration and multidirectional movement. After impact, the fibers very stretched inside the pressurized air unit instantly spring back, providing exceptional responsiveness and an increased feeling of the surface on which you play.


By replacing heavier materials midsole with the Nike Air cushioning system, we can reduce the weight of the boot without sacrificing performance. Now the shoe is more lightweight, less the athlete consume energy during exercise.


The versatility is very important for athletes who practice different sports, seeking different types of performances. The Nike Air cushioning system can be adjusted to meet the exact specifications of sports performance.


By the time the attack the ground up, the Nike Air cushioning system "cash" or absorbs the force of impact and allows the muscles, joints and tendons to be protected. He immediately returns to its original shape, ready to ward off the next shock. Fatigue and bodily stress are avoided.


Resistance is predominant because the cushioning system must remain effective over time to protect the athletes. The Nike Air cushioning system provides constant efficiency throughout the life of the shoes.

For which consumer ?

For regular runners with neutral feet . Designed for training and competition, ideal for fractionated on track, road or in kind. New design with better midfoot support. " Pegasus Comfort" remains one of its greatest assets. It will be perfect for your first road race .
  • Stride: Universal
  • Runner weight: Until 90kg
  • Foot shape: Normal
  • Practice: Training / Competition
  • Ground: Road / Path / Forest

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