Power Bank: Vibrant aluminum casing surrounds dual battery cell technology.From 69 RMB. Recharge your life. Premium Li-ion battery cells add an extra 10400mAh of battery life to your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. So no need to worry about power cut, this trendy power bank will keep you connceted with your friends and family for the maximum time.

USB Light: The usb light uses a standard usb port, type a on pc, macintosh platform or even a power bank. Light weight, compact and very convenient to carry anywhere. Reliable, tough and smooth metal corrugated pipe enables to turn toward any direction. Need none of external electric supply, directly fetch electricity from usb output. Power consumption less than 40 ma. Long life led that can work for more than 8,000 hours under any conditions. High-bright white led can ensure clear view at night and do not effect other people all around. Work in complete privacy with your laptop without disturbing others specifications :-no batteries/ external power required. Just plug into usb port or power bank. Plug and play bulb free led design long lasting beam of light compact design is a perfect accessory for notebook computer user.

Usb Fan: Stuffy meetings, crowded airplanes or trains, waiting lounges and even taxis in your city wont wilt you anymore. Novel and unique in shape, the usb fan plugs into a usb port of your laptop or desktop computer to provide a steady stream of cool air - without draining your battery. It does not need batteries or power socket for powering on, minimal battery drain, it uses less than five minutes per hour of notebook battery charge. The high quality, long life and free of noise motor will not disrupt you when working. Easy and simple to use, the flexible spring neck lets you position it in the angle that you would like to. It is composed of soft, safe nylon blades that circulate a steady stream of cool air. Small, compact and feather-light, the usb fan goes anywhere and fits easily inside your laptop case. System requirements :- usb port on your laptop/pc/power bank.

Terms and conditions: Colour may vary as per availability.

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